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    This is so cool. Reminds me of the spring area from Seasons, but maintains it's own uniqueness. 

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    Very scenic. Some of the vertical layers are a little challenging to read at first glance (I couldn't tell the tower was part of a building for a moment), but I think this is pretty great overall.

  • alex%s's Photo

    Wow, I really like the whimsical character of this. The riverbed needs some love though.

  • J K%s's Photo

    A really beautiful screen with everything done right. Whilst the coaster colours aren't my thing, I completely get why they're like this.


    The different flowers, realistic shades used on the flowers and the scenic railway, framing the coaster makes for a really beautiful atmosphere.


    I like how the footpath you've used is a bit dull and drab because it needs to bring that balance to the screen with all the lush foliage and bright swatches.


    Can't wait to see this in game. Great job.

  • A n d r e w%s's Photo

    I wish the structure of the hole the coaster drops in to was more textured and interesting to look at seeing as its such a focal point

  • Xtreme97%s's Photo

    I like the playfulness of the architecture. Also nice choice to use green, making the colours of the plants more prominent.

  • battle boy%s's Photo

    Very nice. I think that the staff working in this park should bring together very interesting persons.

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    Classic and original at the same time which makes it special. I love it.

  • Arjan v l%s's Photo

    Those colors... If i tried something like that.. i don't know, but you pulled it of very nice. Love the foliage, that small building with the playfull top on it and the drop into darkness. 

  • Gustav Goblin%s's Photo

    I'm a huge fan of the fantastical realism style throughout this project. Great architecture and use of color.

  • hoobaroo%s's Photo
    oh i really like this
  • Jappy%s's Photo

    Veyr special for sure! Liking the foliage. 

  • Lurker%s's Photo

    Love the colors, love the themes and styles in this project.

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    Wow liam. So glad this is part of Perenmoes. This use of colors is just really nice. Feels very lush and charming. Getting major Diving Machine G5/Oblivion vibes and very curious about the rest of the layout. Only thing bothering me I must say is that green building on the left feels just one unit too short. Could probably use some height to the poles or some layer between the arch and roof. Happy to see you building on this more lately!
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    Andrews right listen to him. The hole needs to be more interesting.
  • RWE%s's Photo

    loving the colors

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