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    Great use of the new elements! I like the deviations chosen from the real life model. I'd love to see some more integrated rock work/theming going around the coaster rather than it being in a field. Still great progress though!

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    I see you decided to go with the zero G roll version in the end. Very nice! Archy in the back also looks great.
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    Horrible zoom level :p

    But nice content, I especially like the color scheme. Good to see you active again J K :)

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    Thanks Six Frags, I really don't know how to make the screens any better? I think it needs Zoomed cropped by default right?

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    Wow! That coaster really pops. Nice design.

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    Love it. So clean.


    What's going on with the ghosted-ish little platform on the right?


    I look forward to seeing more of the "naturalisticness" of the theme, as that's its main selling point I think.

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    Thanks Posix


    It's a ride themed to skydiving so we've got a mist section at the very end so the riders are diving through the clouds.


    The signposting could be a lot clearer for sure!

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    I love the screen. I think the supports are great. And everything else.

    I think for the screen zoom quality you set the scaling factor in options to 1.0?

    Looking at this on a phone, the brown roof on the building behind the coaster looks too close in color with the path.

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