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    Oooh this is great!

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    Indeed this is wonderful. New take on some classic motifs. Love the fountain too.
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    I quite like the tulip fountains.

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    I love the details on the buildings very netherland structures

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    All it took was one extra unit per floor to go from cute to hot

    Its just like me on hinge
  • J K%s's Photo

    Really great screen! Other than a couple of tweaks I've mentioned already, I'm pretty pumped for this park.

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    Nether Nether Land? Just kidding, but it's a great screen. It's good on the custom scenery wavelength and also has ingenuity with the barrel bases for the cypress trees.

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    Lots of path, but maybe its the composition overselling it.

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    I'd hate to be the thousandth person to call your work adorable but it really applies here. Absolutely love the flower fountains; genius object choice with the birdbaths.

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    So good, I like it a lot. Great detailing on that gate. Keestopia as suggestion for the name :D

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    Quintessential Dutch. But I'm excited to see another big Dutch realism project from your hand.

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    The tulip fountains are genius, even more amazing is the yellow wild mouse car as giant clog - fantastic.


    edit: name suggestions:


    The Nether Regions

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    Really nice work, Faas. Like other said, the fountain is great. The gate is really well done too. I'm a little bit worried by the huge amount of path in the top right corner, but not sure if that is finished. Otherwise, I'd add a food cart, a street act or something else to fill some empty space.

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    love it dude.


    very warm and inviting, beautifully done

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    This park could end up being the best thing you've ever done if you keep it up with this quality! I feel like it's larger scaled than usual. Is that intentional? It helps!

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    Spectacular! That little corner building in the upper left is great. Those planters are seriously good.

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    big heart love emoji.png

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    Ruigrijk but good. Man, i love that gate

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