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    comment below
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    Please do not release this unfinished. Resist the urge

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    jesus christ dude

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    Now you're just showing off
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    100% from me. Nothing more, nothing less.

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    This could be the highest rated park of all-time. I would be honored to give my first 100% panel score to this phenomenal creation.

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    Honestly this needs to be finished.

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    Holy shit that entrance

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    Unfinished, pffft please. This is amazing!
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    ahh jesus this is amazing. the colors are SO good, perfect atmosphere

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    girll.... yes

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    I think this holds up extremely well and you should not concern yourself with new object releases or anything like that - this really deserves to be released as a finished product.

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    Another impeccable screen. I really hope you see this through.
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    Another impeccable screen. I really hope you see this through.
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    This looks like it was built in 2022, but it holds up alright!

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    Yeah Airtime, get with the air-times. It's 2023, those half diagonals are so last year.

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    dont really like it would probably start over if it was me

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    As someone who goes to Disneyland Paris fairly regularly, I can tell you just nailed the atmosphere. It looks gorgeous.

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