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    This sure would make a great h2h park

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    Airtime cannot into H2H

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    The bridge blends into the landscape. I'm undecided whether that's a good or a bad thing here. But I'm pretty sure that the rest of the screen is flawless and that the pink trees are amazing.

  • inthemanual%s's Photo
    I hate how good you are at blending those rocks.
  • Kumba%s's Photo

    Looks kinda like a ultra realistic mini-golf, yet it's not.


    I hate how you can get away with this amount of brown in ways I never could...

  • PBJ%s's Photo
    You gonne do a whole semi-recreation of disney land paris? can't wait for my favorite coaster BTMR being bould!
  • csw%s's Photo
    Rockwork is A+
  • BelgianGuy%s's Photo

    MY GOD!!! it's flawless

  • SSSammy%s's Photo

    obligatory brown is not a theme. i'd love more non-plant colour

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    Unbelievably good.
  • hulkpower25%s's Photo

    man, your work its amazing, there are no words for all the detail and hours you work on this project

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    Wow, yeah, definitely impressive. You pull of those rocks way too well. I love this and how lush and immersive you make it with the details and little touches but I can't help but get distracted by everything. It's almost like there's too much going on. Regardless of that though, it really does look pretty.

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    It's incredibly well done, though I do agree with Steve that it's a bit overwhelming at the same time.

  • Kumba%s's Photo

    The bushy dull green tree at the center needs to go. It blocks what I suspect is more cool stuff.

  • geewhzz%s's Photo

    amazing. those trees <3

  • Stoksy%s's Photo

    That sunken ship *drool*


    Although, I can definitely see how this could be seen as 'busy.' Don't get me wrong, I love dense foliage I just hope that it doesn't hide too many of the architectural/park details.

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    Yea think I rushed to get this screen out a bit. There's issues in there with the bridge blending in and not looking like it's on a different level from the lower ground etc etc. It's a work in progress something you probably shouldn't of seen just yet

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    It's super cool.  Though I think the bridge hangs down just a touch too low.  Perhaps the foliage could be a tad darker too.

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    Airtime Please make a BTMR re-creation!

    Your work is great!

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