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    Really enjoy the macro elements you've built. Everything feels well positioned and really inviting to explore. The coaster layout seems interesting if a bit unorthodox, but I love the vibes you have going on.


    I think the construction is the only thing holding this back. Some of the different textures and colors you've chosen and just the finishing details overall could be cleaned up. That usually comes with experience, familiarity gained over time, and diving into other's work to see how stuff is constructed. Stick with it!

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    Reminds me of some of Kevin's old work. I'd say that there's room for improvement architecturally but for the stage you're at, it's a nice combination of simpler forms and overall busyness.

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    Stylistically this is very unique, it's like Ziscor meets Mrtycooncoaster.

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    genuinely love this. Change the rocks to one consistent color though!

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    Needs tightening up, but your talent is obvious. Looks very cool and fun!
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    Very sweet. Props for posting such a finished screen. Reminds me of Grand Tour parks. I like that you're experimenting a lot - usually when people do it means their style grows superior in the long run.

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    Very gritty. I like it!

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    Nice screen! Waves of nostalgia which I'm here for, but then updated with a few defining objects of today. Keep going!

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    really love the large bell tower! 

  • Description

    themed area of a small mediterranean town within the Arcosolia park. This area includes Zingheneta, a dark ride through the tunnel systems and canals of the town, ending in a big splash.

    Then there is Gigiatt, a roller coaster inspired by the legendary creature that is said to be mostly peaceful but can travel the valleys in one step.

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