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    Oh and happy new year! 

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    This is the least Faas-y thing you've ever shown, and I think that's good thing. Not that I don't like your usual style, I do, but it was time for something radically different. This stuff is exciting!


    Love the bicycle too.

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    Very ncie! More finish is needed. 

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    Those steep steps need to be banished entirely. For one they will never match with landscaping properly, and two each step is about half the height of a peep.. imagine stepping down that shit. Other than that I think it has great forms but I'd rather have all the gold changed to dull brown and then have color added in other ways in your typical fashion.
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    Dang you Faas, I wanted to do a Tivoli-style entrance in my new project :p


    It's very recognisable, and like Liam said, very different from your usual style. It's all good!

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    Lovely as ever, my favorite screen from this project so far! Love the placement of those statues.
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    Very nice entrance. Like it a lot.
    Never really liked that object for the zebra crossing.
    I would use the half quarter tile flat roof texture instead.
    Anyhow can't wait to see this park finished.

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    literally the best thing you've ever made and its because it's not your style at all 

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    Thanks, I guess? Haha. I'm trying to become a bit more versatile when it comes to styles I can build in. I probably have about six parks in the making now, all of which sort of tackle a different style or a different aspect of the game, pretty fun actually. 

    Thanks to the others for the replies as well. 

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    Holy shit, that's the most "shogo" compliment ever. Lol

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