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    This is a really excellent NCSO attempt at a multi-dim, and honestly doesn't look that far off from the current NCSO meta. I really like the supports and your use of negative space with the mowed grass.

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    I like the supports, also a nice queue, the way it's wrapped around that one element is some good interaction.

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    Looks good, Big fan of the loop's interaction with the queue

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    Helloooooo NCSOooooo

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    Love parks like this. Chaotic NCSO realism.

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    I missed this screen! I like seeing a 4D, always ambitious, nice colours too. Not sure about the random mushroom.

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    I'm still kicking.

    Still building here and there, I built this 4D layout in late April and only recently got around to adding some kind of scenery to it, I think I may change around some of the color on the station still.

    This is part of a much larger project currently in the works, I have every coaster designed but it lacks polish in so many ways at the moment. Probably like another year.

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