Screenshot / 'Tsunami' Simple Mack Water Coaster


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    id love a higher quality screenshot, but its nice. pleasant beachfront.

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    Yeah this image is really fuzzy and messed up for some reason.

    The park itself looks good though, mack water coasters are always pleasant. You should use tile inspector to lower the wooden and heartline track down one unit though to make it look less sloppy
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    The screenshot quality is indeed a bit weird, but what's in it is very good work. The coaster looks great, and I like how the trackitecture has a supportive role than being the main form of rooves.

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    I'm going to post more current stuff at the end of the year. Here's a second screen of my park that I complete in late May. I plan to release in the future as well. Some adjustments need to be made before I release it.

    This layout is somewhat inspired by 'Storm Coaster' but that's about it.

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