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    Looks really good. Layout is solid + custom supports seem quite well done, especially the lift.


    Simple landscaping is also pleasant, only thing I dislike here is the trackitecture station roof.


    Looking forward to more.



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    pretty nice take on a hyper-mega-lite. landscaping is getting good but just watch you don't use too many land textures- save rocks for rocky outcrops instead of just randomly dotted, for example, and try consolidating clumps of trees with underbrush a bit more carefully. all up really good stuff though

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    That coaster color combination is freaking awesome, I love it.

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    KaiBueno will approve of these colours.


    Decent work @RCGames.

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    Just Showing off some screens of coasters I made several months ago. Originally it was going to be a Giga but I think it's slightly too small in scale to be one. I build kinda simple but it's not my strong point.

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