Screenshot / Gold Striker rockwall


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    This rocks!

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    The ruins don't match the cliffs 100% but they're fairly close and I really like how they're arranged, especially in the center part of the cliff with the shelf. Also like the foliage, some really well arranged clumps of trees and nice use of land textures and grasses (Though the color of a couple of those grass pieces looks kind of bright.)

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    I don't agree with the texture choices, it's hard to believe these 1k ruins are broken off pieces of the cliff. And also, the debris is much more granular than the big, full tile scaled cliff wall, which in its current form (pretty good, above average even) would work better without the 1k ruins, I think. On the other hand, this is a great realistic example of a debris slope, especially if you lose more of the loose material at the top edge.

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    i like the tree clumps, would be cool to see larger and smaller clumps and bit of transitional brushy foliage too? 

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    I'm going for a quarry like look, which I think should explain the small debris in relation to the full tile cliff wall. Cleaning up some of the debris at the top makes sense. The texture is not 100% but unless there's some alternative I'm unaware of I'd say it's close enough. And some of the grass, especially up top, looks really bright now that I've had it pointed out. Will look into changing around some colours.

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