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    comment below
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    There's so many track types here, but it's actually kind of hard to notice the transitions.

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    It's like Dynamite Dunes but in 2016
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    The reason there's so many track types is because Twister track is the only one with all the elements I need, but I don't like to use it everywhere because it's too wide for the trains. I'm not really sure what the solution is.

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    I wouldn't worry about it. Looks good.
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    I wasn't complaining or criticising. I know why you did it and I thought you did a good job disguising the merges. It really looks like one track is what i'm saying.

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    heh. You should see the terrain RMC I'm making. I really like yours though... That double down is sooooo guuud. 

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    Tremendous track choices...
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    Did RCT2 include the steep slope kiddy coaster pieces, but hidden?

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    ^That's water coaster track.

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    Water coaster track and junior coaster track share the same sprites though. It's only that junior coaster track is missing the appropriate entry in it's paint function table that makes it not allow steep slopes - it wouldn't actually be that hard to enable them, but it wouldn't be backward compatible.
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    What objects did you use for the sleepers (if that is the right term)?

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    I used:


    The track ties aren't really ideal - theres a lot of them that are actually in the wrong place, but just happen to look correct from the perspective they are visible. They often change draw order when the train rolls over them. It's very hard to get them to look right because RCT2 has no depth buffer, and so they may be drawn the wrong side of the track even when they are in the correct position.


    I don't think RMCs are ever going to look good unless OpenRCT2 implements custom track styles someday.

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    Bummer, it really looked nice, and since I am working on an RMC I was hoping that this would provide a nice solution to the visual problems. Edit: Which track did you use for the lift hill? 

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    It doesn't look too bad, I prefer it with the ties to without. It's just a bit glitchy and doesn't look nearly as good as it should.


    The lift hill is water coaster track. The rest is LIM coaster track, and a few pieces are twister coaster track.


    The use of water coaster track for the lift hill has resulted in ridiculously high intensity ratings. I am hoping there is a way to change the track type used for rating calculation without changing the one used for drawing, but I doubt it. I could build a twister coaster underground and change the ride the trains are associated with, but last time I tried that it crashed the game.

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    The track types of merged track influence the ratins? That's new for me... What is the track type of the actual ride, the train?
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    The track type of the actual ride is the water coaster, with the vehicle changed to the RMC train. Only the track of the type of the actual ride affects ratings, not the merged tracks. However, that ride is also the one used for the block system, so I can't just merge a station of a different track type on because it would then ignore the blocks on the lift and brakes.

    One solution would be to use twister track, then make it invisible and zero clearance the water coaster track over the top. However, the more corrupt elements I use the less likely it is to open in vanilla (though I can't avoid them entirely, so it's probably a lost cause). There was an alternative invisibility hack introduced recently - I might try that one instead.
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    Instead of using the corrupt elements, you can also make the track invisible in RCT2 with the 8Cars trainer. Much, much quicker too.
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    8Cars doesn't work with OpenRCT2, and vanilla won't run under Wine (for me at least... I had it running before, years ago, but I never got 8Cars to work. Now it doesn't start at all).

    Does anyone know how the 8Cars invisibility hack works (as in, what it actually does to the map)? I have a script that I can use to do things like this if I know how they're implemented.
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    The thing I was talking about was simply setting the track type to crooked house. But on second thought that's a stupid idea in regards to the ratings.

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