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    Loving the vibes here! So unabashedly German. It does look to be a bit tight for a main entrance unless that's how it is in real life. I think the size also makes it feel really nice and cozy though. I especially like the big entrance gate with the two towers.

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    Cute entrance. Map shape is maybe a bit weird. Do you plan one expanding the map to the side later or are you planning to have it like this? Back sides of the buildings could maybe use some more details, just some practical stuff like electrical boxes or rainpipes or something like that.

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    Looking great! Excited to see more V1!

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    You've nailed that entrance building. Great start for your park. Just remember to keep your aesthetics tight. Buildings on the left look like they're in a different park than the buildings on the right. A legoland house snuck in there.

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    This looks just like it has to! Would be nice if you could later do the stuff in front of the entrance, parking and the bridge over the road etc :) also i cant wait for your interpretations of nessie, novgorod etc. pls tell me you are going do do them :D

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    Not gonna add roads, etc (as this map is supposed to be extremely focused on the park) but I will do both of those coasters in a way.

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    I love the uniqueness of all the buildings and I love those towers. Sometimes less is better on the details, such a wonderful Germanic atmosphere!
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    I don't know how I missed this before but I love it, very unique and characterful entrance.

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    So yeah, I have started this project. At this point I have only finished half the mainstreet (due to spending a lot of my time helpin Gustav and now building my own GT entry) but I am excited that this is under way.

    This park will be an original take on the real theme park but with obvious nods (such as the entrance gate). It ill feature very story-based areas and rides based on the history of the Hanse.

    Not much to see, but I think it's important that you guys see I'm not only here to waste space ;-) I think a '24 release is definitely realistic.

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