Screenshot / Yangshou outskirts


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    I love you.

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    This is really great! I would like to see the sloped road be a more uniform color.

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    everybody knows youre very good, but youre also very underrated

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    Always appreciate good Asia architecture.  This looks really nice.  Some more trash and general grime would help this quite a bit, but I like where you're going with it.

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    Very very nice. I wonder a bit if you could blend the different gray path textures better around the bottom, don't really like how the road lines look. Texture ain't really the best.
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    Keep layering those details buddy! It's looking so, so good!


    Squared off path needs a bit more blending for me but great work!

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    really enjoying seeing the progress on this! cant wait to see it with peeps! 

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    how strange is it that i feel as though this amazing screen feels old school compared to contemporary RCT?

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    I love how you've made that bit of elevated path, the way the archways emerge out of the cliff gives it loads of character.

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