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    this is awesome. just so texturally weird but i completely dig it

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    I love how you always know what specific aesthetic you're going for and how to approach it while retaining your signature style. Really something special

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    Such a good scene, great atmosphere and I love the object choices. Some clever use and skill making those add-on pieces work that well along with CSO.

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    This is really cool. Love contrast of the dirty vibe of the buildings with the craziness of the party.


    In the bottom left corner, I might suggest placing a thicker object/wall under each path tile. No floor is paper thin IRL! Just looks a touch weird to me.

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    POV: It's 1981 and you just walked into the best club in town.

    Are you ready or not?

    it's only up the street.

    Everybody's dancin' and everybody's on the beat.

    Built for the interior build challenge on discord. Full resolution image here:

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