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    comment below
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    you gave me my fap material for a week 

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    For the loop, I would go for more of the ones used in a looping roller coaster - unless that would cause some problems due to the gauge height...

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    I actually chose the standup because I feel it transitions from the box track the best from all options I had in the game... as B&M track is too bulky and most others don't gauge this was the best I could actually get trackwise...

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    That station facade is better than regular sex.

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    You have made those objects work well, so many CS I wouldn't even think about using.


    Stations looks great

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    I think you have really mastered the use of cs.  This is pure gold.  I love this work.  I hope you keep building and build a lot. Great work.

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    I love that station so much.

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    Challenge accepted.

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    I agree the Togo looks best

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    The station looks amazing but I don't understand the sharp transition between strong stone ruins to scrappy cabana. My only qualm.

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    damn, you fucking inspires me, this is ace.


    I'm with Morgan though, it looks bit awkward.

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    @nin, what challenge?

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    I'd love to get this workbench!


    great screen!

    Love it...

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    Nin is probably challenging Bill's suggestion this screen is better than regular sex. 

    We wish you luck, Nin. 

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    just YES

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    See I really like the cabana roof; I think it's a really cool texture change that I've always struggled but wanted to implement in my own parks. Tend to think that it fits so well that you can sacrifice that level of understanding (regarding the sharp contrast between brick and wooden poles). It fits so I think you should leave it.


    I think you've really nailed the integration of 'non-RCT' trees and definitely portray an incredible atmosphere.

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    I admire the ballsy texture and foliage choices. I think it works well.

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    Dude this is legendary. By far the best South American temple look I've ever seen.  

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    That bridge is just great. Really.

    And I agree about the bench thing. We need an updated bench. The best one I have is from like 2010 I think.

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