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    i like it---but if i was nitpicking i would say the b&w umbrellas and the simple fence are not working for me. probably its a combo of the thick black deco trim and the relatively unadorned bars that feel a bit sloppy. maybe something a bit fancier, and a with a bit of extra warmth in terms of colors?

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    Dude this is fantastic! I love that sign. I do agree with cocoa on the umbrellas. They probably just need to be slightly taller and have fringes.

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    Lol I listened to episode 9 of this for Aztec Action Park. Great job on this, foliage is awesome and the whole composition is great. I get the point about the b&w umbrellas, they just clash with the blue skyline facade. After that, near perfect. Good use of the swan ride.

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    Why aren't you using my lamp object, Liam? Also no benches or trash cans anywhere? Is this even a park, smh? Sign is sick as fuck tho.

    This project is weird.
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    Nice, I love that sign, great idea! And the use of height is interesting, making the whole thing balanced and pleasant.  

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    Very cool. I like the vibe and multi-layered nature. Colours are great and it's fun to explore. I only wish some of the lines were a little less edgy and aggressive.

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    love it

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    Superb use of color all around. Everything feels so alive, almost like a scene from a Where's Waldo book but with richer textures and less slapstick (for now). Anything multi-story pulled off successfully is beautiful to me by default, but the blue-to-orange gradient brings the entire scene to the next level.

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    I love this as it's own thing, but to be honest when I look at it in the context of your other screenshots from this park the approach to theming looks a bit tacky here. Everything else you've shown so far either looks very naturalistic, modernist or abstract in some way.

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    I've listened to that podcast before, great one. Love the layers on this and I think you included that ride building very well. 

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    the black roof feels a bit underdeveloped at the moment, i hope youre going to include some ventilations or something. Also i would try a different color on the umbrellas. Otherwise fantastic screen, great colors and atmosphere overall.

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    absolutely love this. colors and the whole area are great, feels very believable. that blue wall is fantastic. really clever colors for the black and white zig zag thing too. 

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    Beautiful. I love this project so much. Just not sure how much of a fan I am of the black and white. 

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    I keep coming back to this, getting more and more excited for this project. Love the detailing at the tops of the roof.


    I know you're not a huge crunch lover but some custom cracks and rubble movement on the pathing would work really well here.


    Great work!

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone! There's a few things I can play with; 1) the fences and 2) the umbrellas. I like the black and white but there's always room for some harmless populism, the current scheme is by no means integral to the concept.


    Everything else you've shown so far either looks very naturalistic, modernist or abstract in some way.


    I see your point, but I wanted to add some more stylistic variation to the park in additional to all the cubes and blobs. I think the most important common denominator for all architecture in the park is that everything sits outside of time and space. Historical elements may be present, but in this case combined with sci-fi elements. This could be a distant future, a distant past, perhaps in a galaxy far, far away.


    I'm surprised no has called out the hamburger bar. Maybe that's a sign that my easy solution for interior greebles is working :lol:

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