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    elegant as fuck.
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    I wanna live here

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    Nice, a lot of objects here that normally don't looks so good that you've made look quite good.  Except perhaps that rock wall texture below the wooden seating area, can't quite buy that yet, rather just see the Lotr walls extended.

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    I agree with G Force about the rock wall,  even where the trim is in place I'm not 100% on. 


    Other than that it is gorgeous.  The little pop of peach brick looks good and that is probably the most elegant use of the zoo tycoon map object I have ever seen.  The binoculars are a nice touch,  as is the wood trim and railing work.  I'm hyped for this project.

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    Everything just falls into place here, superb composition, and the flowers are so good, colorful and subtle at the same time.

    This is one of the parks I'm most hyped for, I love everything about this style.

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    Yes. I think yes. 

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    Lovely foliage. Lovely atmosphere.

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    Great binoculars! 

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    giving September 

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    It's a really good example of "less is more"! I just have a doubt about the object map at the top

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    Love it, Liam. I'm a sucker for botanical gardens and it's always nice to see one in RCT. Although the flower collection seems a bit monotone for a botanical garden.

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    Thanks guys! I will look into the rock wall texture, and it's possible that I will increase the density of exotic plants as well...


    Although the flower collection seems a bit monotone for a botanical garden.


    Are you referring to the purple flower patches, or just how spread out everything is? The flower patches are purely ornamental, and a recurring visual motif throughout the gardens (that are much larger than this screen shows).

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    I love the rock wall texture. It’s kind of like a continued motif from the entrance area and helps give the park as a whole its identity. Maybe use it a little here and there throughout the work. Is there a diagonal version of the object? That would be nice.
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    While I find myself wanting to change smaller things with more modern objects, overall this is great. A really fresh approach to landscaping as something focal to the concept. Excited to see this in game.

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    I love the pops of yellow and purple

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