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    Apologies about the rain.

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    Cool bridge! 
    Less cool foliage around the water. 
    Too much bland path. 
    The swing ride looks fun. 

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    Right now the path is a little overwhelming but peeps will take care of that. Very nice.

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    how close is this to being finished? i think it looks good, but it could have a little shops and planters to break all the path up. also remove the trees from the water, or you can use some actual trees next to them

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    @Coasterbill; I'm very much counting on the peeps to help break up the path.

    @gdb; unfortunately there's quite a long way to go although the map isn't very large. I have one area which I definitely know how to theme and how I want to look but it has been a little too daunting to start up until now, and then there's two possibly three quite large areas that I don't really know what I'm going to do about. Furthermore, I have a decent amount to add to almost every area (only really the mainstreet area is 'complete').

    So definitely more than 50%, but probably not that much more given all the little things I have to do as well (ie peeps).


    It looks a little better in game I think, whilst I understand people's problem with the large paths; seeing everything in context may allow for the larger amounts of path to make a bit more sense and are therefore a little easier on the eye.

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