Screenshot / Ridgecrest Entrance (unfinished)


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    This is quite nice. Just a couple of things.


    I think the red flowers are too red. Try using a different colour red, and perhaps throw in some other colours too.


    The red on the buildings, is still, in my eyes, too much. The changing path types are a bit distracting, stick to one or two types here. And the foliage on the roof doesn't look all that good, neither do the hedges on the walls.


    The structure is looking good though, and I like the look of that monorail.

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    there's a lot of odd detailing going on. the buildings on the left and right both have this thing with hedges and dark red fence. it doesn't make a lot of sense as a structure. 


    but it certainly has it good points, you're paying attention to small details like the ones you find on the roof, i would try to make the roof grey or black there though, makes more sense from a realism aspect. 

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    Agree with the above. Will be interesting to see finished though!

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    I like the look of the monorail as well, and I'd like to see the station structure finished.  What are your plans for the food area in the top right?  I think at the moment it's looking rather prison-like :/

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