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    Indiana Funland has taken an indirect hit from a supercell.

    An F3 tornando was in the vicinity of Indiana Funland, but none of the twisters had actually reached the park. However, some rides and roller coasters in the park had recieved substatial amounts of damage.

    Attractions completley destroyed:
    The Giant Wheel was ripped from its foundation and flung about a kilometer away, It was completley destroyed.
    The Picnic Pavilion had completley collapsed.

    Attractions that were damaged:
    Indiana Flyer
    Coaster Cafe

    All other Attractions, including the park's 3 steel roller coasters recived minimal to no damage whatsoever. Indiana Funland had caught a lucky break when It came to being completley destroyed. However, the chances of a buyer is slim to none. The Park is right now in a derilict state.

    Soon, some pictures from Newsweek will be posted here from the article "Abandoned but not Frogotten: A look into a deserted Theme Park"
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    Article from Newsweek, Abandoned but not Frogotten, 1990 edition

    We all love amusement parks, wether it be Disney World, or Six Flags. So it is always sad to see one go bankrupt and close for good. But what happened to an amusment park in Hammond, Indiana was a quite different story. It is closed, but eerily enough, It still stands deserted to this day. The park is of course, Indiana Funland.

    A year prior, Indiana Funland was going through extremley rough times, the company that owned it, Hammond Amusements Corps. had gone bankrupt, One of it's 5 Roller coasters was damaged by an airplane, then when things couldnt get any worse, A Supercell was forming over Indiana, expecting to bring F5 Tornados. An F5 could have completley destroyed the park. But however, the damage was substatial, but did not destroy the park. The Park is considered to be abandoned.

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    This is the plains of Hammond. All of the dirt in the picture is where an F3 tornado has ravaged through.

    Posted Image
    Looking upward, we see the skyline of Indiana Funland

    Posted Image
    Driving up to the entrance we see that one of the signs has been flung more that 100 yards away. One sign still remains, A message on the building reads "Closed due to Weather" It seems that the park owners forseen the storm coming.

    Posted Image
    Upon entering the park, we noticed right away that some of the rides have been completley destroyed. The Ferris Wheel was completley torn to peices and ripped from its foundation. They say that they found it more than a football feild away. This is where it once stood.

    Posted Image
    This is the famed Indiana Flyer roller coaster. As you can see. This ride definitley took major damage during the storm. It has already been damaged by a plane, and now you can see that a portion of the hill has completley collapsed. There are some reports of peices of wood being flung a mile away. This could undoubtly be peices of the Flyer.

    Posted Image
    There are some portions of tarmac in the park that has been ripped from the ground and flung mere meters away.

    Posted Image
    You can see it here too.

    Posted Image
    Only some benches and a flower bed remain of the Picnic Pavilion which was completley annihalated by the storm.

    Posted Image
    The facade of the Speedway was damaged beyond repair and removed.

    So what fate will this park face? A grand reopening where the park is returned to it's former glory, or, will the property be sold for scrap? and the property converted to condominiums? Only time will determine the fate of Indiana Funland.
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    Your story is full of contradictions, holes, and simply doesn't tie itself together. The screens don't seem to distract from that.

    I suggest focusing more on the park than the storyline for one, or simply proofreading your posts a bit more.
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    i dont get how the story contradicts itself, but I will admit i tortured the park a bit too much in its last years (you know with the bankruptcy and the plane hitting Indiana Flyer) only to have it "survive"

    And besides, Im not overly impressed with my "Tornado Damage" pics.

    I am still deciding wether to make IF come back to life, or let it die.
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    Just forget this whole thing happened and stop posting in this topic and everything will be good.
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    Just forget this whole thing happened and stop posting in this topic and everything will be good.

    Well the thing is I have definatly improved, If you looked at the Gateway Adventures park, if you saw the B&M floorless I made, you can see I really decked out the Steelworx, the trees, the alternate terrain, the station, etc.
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    Well then keep improving and stop wasting your time with this, unless you are actually going to do something constructive.
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    I enjoy your creativity in how you advertise, but I'd love it if you'd put that in the details of how you do it as well.

    Jag, remember how you said you were surprised you weren't banned yet? I'm still skeptical you're not trying for it.
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    Hopefully the park can bounce back, especially the Indiana Flyer
    I also hope no one was hurt when the tarmac was ripped from the ground, that's crazy
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    And besides, Im not overly impressed with my "Tornado Damage" pics

    you shouldnt be at all.
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    Uh... I'm pretty sure not even an EF5 could "rip" the tarmac from the ground.
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    So.. Asphalt paths fly away. But not delicate benches or flowers?
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    So.. Asphalt paths fly away. But not delicate benches or flowers?

    In actuallity, Tornados can do weird things. You all heard the story, I think in the 60s a horse was sucked up into a tornado and he was actually laid somewhere else completley unharmed :)
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    I don't think anyone is doubting that, but the fact of the matter is an EF5 tornado is devastating. Remember the tornado at the end of Twister? That was an F5. Flowers and benches will not survive, lol.
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    Oh my good GOD reading this thread is making me die a million deaths of embarrassment.....I REALLY acted like this 12 years ago...

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    Hey dude, if you can feel like that reading this thread it just goes to show how far you've come since then. Even though it may be a total cringefest, this is one odyssey of a thread.

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    Hey dude, if you can feel like that reading this thread it just goes to show how far you've come since then. Even though it may be a total cringefest, this is one odyssey of a thread.


    It was a long time coming, but I think that as a now 27 year old man I finally grew up a bit lol

    Looking back, the main issue was that back when I was like 14-15 years old when I started this thread, I wanted to make a serious timeline park in a similar vein as CoasterDude5, however the issue was that I had absolutley ZERO experience playing RCT in a serious way. Literally none. And lets be honest here, compared to RCT2, RCT3 is much more difficult to make parks look nice, so I had already set myself up for a major epic fail.

    And of course, I was a nasty little fuck with a MASSIVE chip on his shoulder back in those days, which didn't help my reputation either, not by a long shot. 

    I've eventually taught myself how to make better looking parks in RCT3 and learn how to use custom scenery (not perfect, but scores better than Indiana Funland), but these days, I've completley moved on to Planet Coaster because I feel that PlanCo gives me the tools I need to create good, realistic looking coasters that don't look blocky AF like RCT3, but even then my early PlanCo parks looked like shit and I improved over time.


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