RCT Discussion / Avonturenpark Lembeekse Woud - A Belgian/Dutch timeline park from 2007

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    A maleficent rival from the Gent area you say euhm... Damned Harry Malter Park, always knew they were up to no good!


    Good addition, though I think the park really has enough family oriented rides now. If the park survives the court they should look to add a bit more thrill. But if the park loses the court cases... I could see the park being sold. Curious to find out what's next in the future for Lembeek.

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    Let's blow off the cobwebs of this before Micro Madness eh?




    These years will always be known in Lembeek's history as the meagre years. While other parks are expanding and getting ready for the new millenium, we are trying to keep our heads up awaiting the results of two mayor court cases... We need to keep things cheap to preserve our funds awaiting the final judgement.


    Nonetheless, the park still tries to keep up and is able to present a new restaurant and ride this year. With restaurant 'Kwaakvos', we are glad to finally be able to present a decent lunch option on the far side of the park. As for the new ride, it's not very 'new' in the true sence of the word. While Carolus used to be foreman at Francis' soda factory, his brother used to work for a travelling fair. On that circuit, they managed to pick up a beautiful vintage spiral slide, which we were able to snatch up cheap.


    We are lucky that the two cases are behind closed doors. Attendance is stable, and we still have a loyal crowd in the school trip market. But it is clear we need to make big investments to stay in the game.






    Another second-hand ride has been added to the park in the form of a car ride: Tuf Tuf Club. Together with a new games stall, this section of the park is now completed. The only other news from within the walls is a simple repaint of our first coaster, Keverbaan, which was looking quite tatty by now.








    But luckily, this is the end of the austerity it seems. The court has come to a decision in two cases. Kambuk has been found guilty of incompetence and will be fully paying for the costs that we had to do in order for Intamin to fix their mess, giving us some financial breathing room again. 


    The little girl's case has been ruled in favour of Lembeek as well. Witnesses have come forward confirming they have seen the little girl Stephanie stop and get out of her cart while the rules clearly state not to do that. The judge has therefor ruled that the girl and her parents are in fault for neglicence and not following instructions. Lembeek has however been kind to the girl, and given her the coupon for pizza she so desired.


    With our name cleared and no more direct threat of massive fines, it is time to get our hands dirty! Time to do some expansion but also polish up some exisiting areas which have been around for years now. Peter has a project laying on the shelf ready to go for next year, but we're busy making plans for the years after that as well. Seems like Lembeek is back on the map.


    Now seeing a secure future for the park, Francis has however decided to step down. As he's approaching 78 years old, he now thinks it's a good time to retire and leave the running in the capable hands of his daughter Catherine who has shown true passion for the park. We wish him well in retirement!


    See ya!

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    Not sure I've read about a court case in one of these timeline parks before. I'm glad the girl got her pizza.


    It's nice seeing the park come together!

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    Will Catherine be able to lead the park on her own though?! I've heard there is a Gentian puppet industrial who has some money left to buy a second park... 

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    Just wanted to pop in and say I am still really loving this. So glad you are building in this style. It feels like you have a real passion for this project and it really shows. 

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    This is awesome, keep going!

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    A new millenium, and a new start for our favorite little park. As of the new season, Lembeek is looking to polish up its assets and working on it's mayor expansion plan. Some areas are in bad need of an overhaul and expansion.


    To start of with, something dull but necessary: our parking received new signage and lighting. Also, a bike parking was installed in order to accomodate our visitors wishing to arrive in a more sustainable way. Also, talks are going on with the local bus company for providing a better suitable stopping place. 




    Similarly but more exciting, Lembeek now has a second gate in the back of the African area. Bing situated next to an import canal, the idea was raised to organise a shuttle service on the water, with chartered ships bringing in guests. Starting point of the service is Lembeek's railway station, also situated within short walking distance of the canal. This provides and adventurous way of reaching the park and helps to ease up on traffic in the region. 




    In the park itself, Peter finally was able to realise his plan that was shelved some time ago: in Kosmopolis, guests get to experience via an immersive simulator the wonders of our galaxy and the universe. The ride is suitated all the way in the back of the park. To reach it, guests need to walk along the "Avenue of Planets", where all the planets of our solar system are modelled and explained. For the new ride, a new station was installed on the railway to help guests move around this section of the park. Instead of a tour, it is now a functional transport ride. 




    To finish off, the go karts have been removed quitely from the park. With the bad press going on, we thought better to not open it anymore and do something else with the space.




    Organisationwise, Catherine has been looking for a new partner to help run the park. Peter is working on the master plan regarding the development which we will be presenting next year, alongside with the first phase of said plan. 


    Ridewise, it has been a while since we were able to expand with a banger. Research among our guests has shown that the main requested ride for now is for another mayor thrill ride since the last few additions were more family-oriented. Since we think it's important that we cater for the whole family, talks have been going on for a new rollercoaster, but things are very hush-hush. Stay tuned!

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    "We want to become the nr 1 edutainment destination in the country!"


    With this bold new statement Catherine and Lembeek went into the headlines in March 2001, when Lembeek opened the doors to it's new season. A new breeze of fresh air is blowing through the park, and it is clear ambitions are high.


    The season started with Catherine cutting the ribbon to Lembeek's brand new entrance, alongside Mark Blufkens, the president of the Sproetel Soda company. More about that below. The new entrance marks the start of a second life for Lembeek, and care has been taken by designer Peter that it embodies the typical Lembeek feeling, with a sense of adventure and a strong connection to nature. The carrousel also received a lick of paint and was moved to a new location, to be more a focal point in the area.






    Also new in the park is the game gallery for 2001 in the Western area. This forms part of the ambition to start working more with dedicated themed areas, more of which can be read later on.




    Now let's move to some boring stuff. To enable us to grow, Lembeek has recently got into a partnership with Sproetel Soda, the old soda company that Francis sold years ago before starting the park. The park receives an extra injection of capital, and in return allows Sproetel to become the main supplier of beverages and catering in the park. Some extra promotion and sponsorship deals will also happen due to this.


    The new deal has allowed Peter to work out a bigger plan for the park. The idea is to try to create some more coherent themed areas, in both existing but also new to develop areas in the park:




    1. Medieval area. Currently holds the Boomerang Serpent, the log flume and the old area of the go kart ride. While the flume already has a castle theme, the rest will need to be rebuilt or themed to fit.

    2. Fantasy area: most rides in this area already have a whimsical, storytelling aspect about them, not too much will need to be done here.

    3: Western area: currently only has one ride, but there are expansion plans.

    4: Adventure area: focus on adventure, jungle, exotic locations. Currently in development, but first ride will appear in 2002 in the form of a new rollercoaster.

    5: To be decided

    6: Continent of the cold: the European & American area of the zoo

    7. Land of Origins: African area

    8. World of Water & Earth: the Oceania and Australia area, will feature an information center about water usage and playground

    9: Kingdom of Mystery: the Asian and Indian area 

    10: Other usages. 


    Sadly, with this new plan in sight, there was no more room for our sea lion show. The two sea lions. have been retired and can live out a long and happy live in Boudewijn Seapark. The show building currently sits empty, but will be demolished some time in the future. As for now, the entrance has been boarded shut, and guests can still enjoy the fish tanks on the plaza.




    Fans have reacted with mixed feeling to this annoucement. While they are happy with the new plans for development (Fuck yeah, new rollercoaster next year!), there are some who feel the deal with Sproetel might make the park lose it's unique identity and become too commercial. (But I don't even like their soda, now I gotta watch to multiple ads in the park for their junk? Boooh!)


    We'll just have to wait and see. Let's focus on the new rollercoaster next year first....

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    It's really nice to see the park maturing! New entrance looks excellent

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    Nice update!
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    A new entrance is always good, it looks more zoo-ish but also not really bigger than the last one. A sign the park doesn't count on more visitors the next decade? Curious for the new coaster, siding with sponsors is unfortunately a logical step. 


    Poor Sea Lions, first you make them happy by retiring them. And than you send them to Boudewijn Park :(

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    Cool update Jappy. Good to see this park still trucking along and excited to see what the next phases will be (more coasters!)

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    Been 2 months already?! Damn, and I had this lying around for a while....


    As promised last year, Lembeek has finally opened their new rollercoaster: Aviator. Built by renowned coasterbuilder Vekoma, we wanted a different take on their popular SLC model and opted for a custom design.

    The rollercoaster is themed after a ramshackle airplane-for-hire company, who will take the guests on a thrilling trip to far-away countries. This immediately forms the gateway to the new planned themed area 'Adventure Valley'.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    In the new area so far can be found a souvenir shop, and a small take out restaurant in the airport building. Response to the new ride has been overwhelmingly positive. Advertisement has been brutal, with poster campaigns in the mayor train stations, at bus stops and a commercial. Aviator has confirmed Lembeek's reputation as park for everyone, from the smallest to the largest, by strenghtening our appeal to the teenage population seeking more thrills. Lembeek's star is rising again, and the dark years of the accident and court cases setting us in bad daylight seem to be well and truely over. This was represented by our visitor number, which was at an all-time high, breaking all previous attendance figures.

    Announcements for 2003 have been the opening of the first part of the Oceania area, as well as refurbishments in the Medieval area, continuing the master plan as mentioned above. Until then!
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    Layout looks janky, so really realistic design for a custom SLC. Good job! 

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    I love this kind of rp project, it reminds me of people who write diaries of their games on crusaders kings 2 or civilization. It's very poetic here, I really liked your greenhouses in the first screenshots, they had a lot of charms!

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    The opening of the new rollercoaster has proven to be a massive success! The park is doing well and visitor numbers are on the rise. The investment in Aviator has been quite large, so the park has taken the opportunity for the 2003 season to do some well-deserved maintenance and upgrades according to the plan written out before.


    One of these is the plan to convert the area around the log flume to a full Medieval themed area. Currently only the flume has this theme, but in the winter, the chance was taken to take this further. On the area of the old go karts, a full blown open air theater has been built. This will host a spectacular show featuring jousting, sword duels and archery demonstrations for guests to enjoy.






    Next to that, the old boomerang from 1984 has received an upgrade. Serpent has become Fire Serpent, and is now themed after the lair of a dangerous dragon! Complete with a new colour scheme and station, this ride will be able to thrill guests for years to come. Next to the ride is also our new first aid post and restroom for the area.




    And to make the comparison:










    Francois may have been retired, he still is founder and president of the Lejeune foundation, helping wildlife in need all over the world. The foundation still has an influence in Lemkeese Woud, and the park prides itself as being a billboard for the work it does. in Recent years, the attention has shifted towards Australia and the islands in the Pacific Ocean. Catherine has decided that it is time to continue to expand the nature area of the park and represent this part of the world as well. Construction has started, with the first part hopefully opening in 2004.




    There have been a few issues this year. With the advent of the internet, discussion forums have started to come up. One of these is dedicated to theme parks, and the reaction to the new medieval area has been mixed. Some of these are happy, ("I love the middle ages, they're my favorite times"). Others are critical ("Why not do the entire area immediately? Look at the kiddie rides and the swinging ship!") This will be a new force to deal with.


    More serious are the issues with the neighbours. Until now, we had a good relationship with them. But the opening of Aviator has caused trouble. They complain about noise and spoiling their view. Catherine and the team will need to find a way to keep them happy, as the area between their gardens and the new ride is still planned for development....




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