Park / Nightingale


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    Really nice follow up to Cthulhu. Lovely layout, lovely architecture, lovely foliage and lovely colour combos.

    Also, great review and very nice logo!
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    K0NG, why did you vote so low? I think it's design worthy.
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    This is good work, yes, but to me it felt lazy and uninspired. I believe you're more capable as a player than this design showed. That being said, posix's write-up stated it perfectly: this isn't a regression, but rather just standstill, and considering how good you are already, this is still high quality.
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    It's pleasing, but I can totally see why k0ng voted as low as he did.
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    Just a side note: It appears he's been awarded zero pants (er points!) for this achievement. I will not stand for this injustice!

    I'll comment on the actual work later. Peace.

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    Was just thinking this morning, damn its been a while since we had an accolade winner :p But congrats dude! Review will be added to this post later.

    EDIT: I just love how fresh looking it is. Its not spectacular, but extremely solid and just so clean and colorful. Loving all the fly-bys, added to the great layout you produced here. The detail in your architecture is also superb. All in all, this design award is well deserved, nice work mate!
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    To me, this design had one big flaw. The area around the station was planned in such a cramped, chaotic way that from some angles it was very hard to understand the bigger picture: it was unclear where the land was flat and where it was elevated, where the queue exactly went through, how the buildings were composed and where one buildings ended and another building began. That's a pity, because you've clearly put a lot of effort in making this area interesting and a bit more sophisticated than usual.

    But except for this point of critique, the design was beautiful. The foliage and the layout were good, the architecture was great, the atmosphere was happy and colourful as always. Nightingale proves to me that RCT doens't always have to be spectacular or originally themed to be perfectly satisfying.
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    Now I need to go to Busch Gardens...

    Also, I found a spelling error on one of the signs.
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    I just have one word to say:
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    so atmospheric.
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    I don't really like the way you did the pathing and it looks a bit crammed but other than that
    it's a really nice design !

    Awesome logo as well !
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    Lovely, atmospheric and very skilled! You know I'm a big fan. Great release and well deserved design!
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    Such a fun magical atmosphere. Though the coaster wasn't done quite up to par, the surroundings made it up for me.
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    Okay, just to keep some continuity here...I'll start where That Guy left off. I felt almost the seemed like since the coaster "wasn't quite done up to par" that the surroundings were an attempt to compensate. Almost as if the coaster itself were an afterthought that was forced through the existing setting. Because of that, it seemed, as mentioned above, "cramped and chaotic" and while Cocoa usually has a great feel for color...I felt that it was like he tried to abuse that here. It was almost like looking through a kaleidoscope to me. Like some sort of psilocybin trip through a little town with a roller coaster thrown in. And, I viewed this both straight-as-an-arrow as well as after a couple rips and still couldn't really get into it.

    I wasn't a fan of the pathing...was it supposed to be brick that had broken up to reveal concrete or vice-versa? I also didn't understand the amount of 'ruins' scattered throughout the map (or burning building)while everything else was so vivid and colorful as "Nightingale" would allude to.

    Most of the architecture itself was very nice though, there were nice little touches scattered about that made me wonder "what could have been?"

    But, the biggest drawback to me (that I can't figure out no one else mentioning) was the "Cobra" coaster and surrounding flats that sit at the maps edge. It was the first thing I noticed when I opened the file, it grabbed my attention every time I rotated the map and no matter how hard I tried, I just could not get past why the fuck that shit was there.
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    ^Cocoa can correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the "Cobra" coaster and such is there for the peeps sake, to keep the little buggers happy. It makes sense so that they don't have this long walk with nothing to do, because they don't know any better.

    I loved the surroundings, but the coaster itself wasn't the greatest. The part before the fly-through just didn't feel natural or flowing.
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    ^ That's what I assumed. But, IMO part of the game is keeping the little buggers happy within the context of your 'map'. I spend countless hours ensuring this ( I doubt I'm the only one) and that's why it was such a big issue here. Also...if you can't manage to do that, at least black the shit out so it's not a visible distraction/easy way out.
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    ^yeah, I did mean to delete those rides but I guess I forgot. at any rate I'd rather see sprightly peeps running around my map and a little annoying thing at the edge of the map than the dreary peeps rambling around my map. as for the layout, that did in fact come first, and then the surroundings, (and I would never settle with a bad layout and try to compensate, I thought this was a pretty good layout myself :p). I guess some of the problems of the park can be attributed to its age and because I worked on it in small spurts over a year, yah it is a bit incohesive. but fuck you all, I like the path :D

    Anyway thanks to everyone who was involved in the release, or in inspiration, and also to all the lovely commentators, thanks for the feedback and have a good day.
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    Iím really torn with this design. A lot of elements are really good, like the architecture, the colours, and the foliage. However, I feel that the overall composition of... well everything, didnít quite do it for me. As some have said, it felt a bit cramped and was as though some buildings had been built to compensate the coasterís placement, and vice-versa for others.

    As for the coaster itself, I liked it. I appreciated the flowy-ness of it, which suited the area well, rather than a more dipping and diving type. Congratulations of the design win :)