Park / Heart of Coal


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    Results are in! Heart of Coal won the silver medal with 22 out of 113 votes. The opposition was quite tough so I'm happy with this result!

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    I gave you my thoughts on this in a stream: too gloomy, didn't like the path hook, and the flowers felt forced.


    Who won? 

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    This one won:


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    I quite liked this one (will have the check out the winner later and compare although from the overview the layout looks waaaaay too short for me), and felt that it had quite a good layout. Loved the placing of the immelmann and the lift details were really great.


    I didn't really mind the gloomy feel that itm mentioned, but do agree that there was definitely something 'off' about the flowers. Whether that be the colours or how they were placed I'm not entirely sure but I think that they detracted focus rather than blend in with the surroundings.


    The station was really great! I'm usually not a huge fan of the graveyard texture [colours just seem off to me] but you managed to integrate it quite impressively with different objects which definitely made it work here. The fencing off of the coaster was a small nitpick of mine, just because the framing of coasters [especially when the same fence surrounds the entire ride] ruins some of the interaction. I think either a different fence or a re-working of the path surrounding the coaster would have helped a lot here.

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    This had a really unique atmosphere. I wouldn't say it was gloomy or spooky as such, but it certainly had an air of mystery which I liked.


    I thought that the pacing of the coaster was good but I wasn't a fan of its rather sudden ending - I've always thought it a shame when so much speed is suddenly 'braked' off at the end. I think instead, the coaster would've looked cool meandering speedily through the heavily wooded areas, perhaps with an additional few dives over the pathway or dart across the lake.


    The station building and the (appealingly packed) queueline both looked great, and all the theming details around it. I personally don't have any problem with the flowers at all. I think they cheer the area up and prevent it from becoming too gloomy, as others have suggested.