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    Woah this is freakin great. This layout is so good. All the helices and looping parts flow so well and look spectacular. I love all the track layering throughout, especially on the lift hill. I think the bold red trains are a great choice. Super cool station too! The queue awnings look so adventurous and fun! I love the interaction with the water.  The river rapids look great too. Love the similar station and queue to the coaster. The builds at the bottom all look good too. They're so simple and clean. The tank and that large boat are killer. This park is definitely in a recognizable style that I freakin love. Super cool stuff!

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    damn this is awesome. the ww2 era technology is integrated so well, its a great atmosphere. I particurly like the sub and the black wires and all the rounded turret buildings. The layout is great, swoopy and integrated nicely, although maybe black is a bit dark?


    archy is great, atmosphere is great, landscaping is great. seems like its great

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    Yeah, shit, this is awesome. Love the atmosphere and the overgrown feeling. And some awesome NCSO tricks, like the golf track for the red plane's wings.

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    Yooo this is wild. The double rapids drops looks so cool with the big waterfalls. The diagonal one is framed so nicely. I love how it goes underneath the coaster track. Which also looks amazing - the layering is done so well! Great call on the black railing and red trains.


    The small details here are plentiful and executed so nicely. The little tank, the submarine, excavator, red airplane, missles about to launch, fallen tree, the bunker. You've quickly established yourself as one of the absolute best in the game by far.

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    This was very good. Especially liked the use of more traditional jagged rocks which you've sculpted beautifully, and combined very skilfully with foliage to create dense fillers that amplified the composition. Because, there's actually quite a bit of content in this to be seen, and your ideas to realise it are all good. Overall this shows how far you've come with the game, how routined you are, and how quick I'd imagine this was built? I love parks that show flow like that. Keep doing what you're doing.

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    I fully agree with posix, this is great work in every aspect of the game, and one very reminiscent of RCT from the early years - which I always love. I don't know how applicable the comparison is, but the name 'Corkscrewed' comes up in me head.


    The best RCT2 in my eyes is innovation and exploration on top of a classical foundation. That said, if I have to nit pick, I think this park could've used a little more of that. The park is nearly flawless, but lacking in true wow-moments. I don't think you said out to do that, so it's not really a drawback. The one true flaw here is the glitchiness. OpenGL I presume?


    Hope to see a full park in this style from you - but preferably with custom scenery. Something like Islands of Enchantment, but better - you're the man for the job.

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    Maybe I'm missing something but I didn't think this was all that special. Solid design for sure but at best low 70s. Congratulations on the accolade regardless! Great to see group stuff like this outside of contests.
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    So dang good. Enjoyed watching you build this. Lot of clean NCSO work and trackitecture. The layout perhaps wasn't super special, but it was a classic Leon mine train layout and I'm a sucker for those. The slow curvy build up to the first drop after the lift provided some nice suspense and the rollers in the second half of the ride added great flow. 


    For how quickly this was made, there was a lot of ingenuity and creativity on display. Your suspended monorail windows, the excavator, missles, crashed plane.. etc. 


    The village area reminds me a little of LL.. maybe it's the jungle walls, but feels like natelox? Perhaps? 

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    Like many others, I enjoyed the classic feel this had. Really enjoyed seeing a very tasteful take on architecture and landscaping combined with some more intricate and detail heavy features. Coaster layout was very nice and I thought exceptionally integrated. I thought the theme was quite recognizable and therefore rather well done overall.


    I really don't have much negative to say about this; I enjoyed it a lot and thought it was well worth Design.