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    New Element has always been about RollerCoaster Tycoon, RollerCoaster Tycoon has always been about roller coasters, and JDP is all about roller coasters. Most of us have been criticized by this Nazi of coaster realism, whether it be an improper inversion or a “cookie-cutter” B&M layout. But despite all of his nagging, he has earned his place among the long list of accolade winners with two Silver wins: Superior Amusement Park and Korsareian Valley. He also helped push the Hurricanes to victory in Head-2-Head 5. Now he graces the front-page once again with his latest Silver, Hutchinson Amusement Park! Read On...

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    I loved this park. The coaster layouts were amazing. It's no wonder he critisizes us all the time... He makes us all look like n00bs.

    The Dinn/Summers woodie has to be my favorite. The layout, the color choice, the location... Pure bliss!

    I personally think it should've gotten Gold, but that's just me.
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    Hey, this seems like a fun little park :)
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    Great job JDP.Loved the GCI, Dinn/Summers woodies,great layouts and pacing on both.I really liked the short but sweet Zierer aswell.While not the most detailed and beautiful park in terms of tons of theming and additional elements i thought everything was well polished and clean.It kind of reminded me of a scenario the game 'should' have come with.Something that gets the job done,shows what can be achieved without going overboard.
    While the park as a whole would have been more attractive if you had added more details to things, I think everything works great as it is and fits well with the overal setting.
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    Gratz, JDP... amazing atmosphere! A wonderful example of a good "classic" style park.

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    pretty much echoing RRP's thoughts here. The GCI was incredible. Louis also did a review for this, hopefully he'll post it for you...

    congrats jdp
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    Yeah I also did a write-up but posted it after Full_Metal, I didn't realise he had said he was going to do it :p So i'll post that for you soon :)
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    yup, I agree with what RRP said too.

    seriously, the layouts were most delicious. reminded me why you have the reputation of one of the best layout makers of all time for me.
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    There once was a time at NE when JDP was a complete asshole, but now he has turned into one of the more respected members of the community, always offering great advice, especially when it comes to his strength of realism, something that was showcased heavily in his previous Silver winner, Superior Amusement Park.
    Nowadays not many people can say they have built 3 parks, let alone have each one win an acolade, but JDP is someone who can, as we award him his 3rd Silver and give you his latest creation, Hutchinson Amusement Park.

    When you are going to open a 'JDP' park, you know that it's going to be one of the most realistic parks that you've seen and Hutchinson Amusement Park is no exception.
    Opening onto it's quaint entrance area you catch a glimpse of how JDP works. Using facades, he provides a simplistic look and design, but it works, and he has created something that is highly effective.
    Straight through the entrance gate you come out into a small square which features the perfectly placed Hutchinson Family Carousel, fantastically framed by silver birch trees and a small water-feature, this just shows how much thought JDP puts into his work. Moving round to the left, he puts in a theme park necessity that is often left out in other creations, a first aid center as well as several midway shops and attractions.
    One of the special features of this park is a coaster type only ever seen once at NE, a Zierer Tower Launch Coaster. High Anxiety is a great adition to the park and contains the park's only inversion. Combine that with the coaster's launch and Top Hat element and you get HAP's most thrilling coaster.
    However JDP takes his coaster layout strengths to the next level by building 3 wooden rollercoasters, each based upon or 'built by' a different manufacturer. Wooden coasters are clearly JDP's forte as these three are not only visually stunning but are realistic masterpieces. Overall this Hutchinson Amusement Park is a definate improvement on his previous two winners, Korsareian Valley & Superior Amusement Park and is a must view.

    Congratulations on your 3rd silver and your first acolade of 2009. So far you have recieved one each year so we look forward to seeing what you bring to the table in 2010. Well done JDP.

    Obviously more jazzy than a normal review but that's because it was written as a front page write-up. The park was superb JDP. A step up from your previous parks but still keeping that same charm and definitive realsim.
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    Really good park here JDP. Loved the wooden coasters, both were top notch. You all had some good realistic details all around and the overall atmosphere was really pleasant. Might have ranked the park a little higher had it used the whole map, but still I was pretty happy with what was there.

    Looking forward to the next one :)
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    I thought the park looked great. Not too much scenery, but a nice blend to round out the parks look, and still get the mood across you were going for. I think my only complaint was there were so many wooden coasters and lack of steel coasters throughout the park. Don't get me wrong too many steel coasters, or too many of anything is a bit much also, but I felt another steel coaster or maybe two in place of the woodies would have been better.

    I really liked the woodies, so don't take this the wrong way, they were excellent from a design, pacing, and theming standpoint. I have always felt that the wooden coasters are the "highlight" of the park if you will, combining old school rough rides with that great "air time" rush we all love so much. Steel coasters are the "filler" coasters, and though many steel coasters are more popular than their woodie counterparts, the woodie to me has always been the "grand finale" so to speak. At any park I ever go to the woodie is always the last ride I ride because it gives the roughest ride, and the most airtime. Maybe it's just me, but too many woodies takes away from the greatness of the other woodies because there are so many of them in this park....

    Again this is just my opinion. I loved the park, I just think 3 woodies and 3 steel coasters should have been at least the other way around. Not to mention two of the steel coasters were small, generic coasters......

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    Great job on your 3rd silver/accolade JDP. Can't wait to hopefully see more from you in the future. And possibly win gold?
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    Nice park dude. Pretty much exactly what I expected. Kind of surprised to see this not get gold, though.

    Overall, I'll echo what other's have said and agree that layouts seem to be your strong point. The Three woodies, mainly, were very believable and fun to watch. The Dinn woody was by far the highlight of the park for me. It really reminded me of Predator at Darien Lake, which was one of my personal favorites when I was little. I just love the whole beginning of the ride, going over the water right before the lift. It just looked really cool. The GCI was good, too. I loved that first turn around element. It really screamed GCI. The rest of the layout was good, too. The Schmeck woody was, in my opinion, the weakest of the three, but still really damn good. I still love that pre-lift segment, which I remember liking way back when you first showed us a screen of that. Other things that I really enjoyed throughout the park were of course, the peeps, the atmospher, and the foliage (you've really improved here).

    Then to go on to the parts I didn't like as much. I didn't like seeing the mirrored Boomerang. You know your shit when it comes to coasters, but I felt like I missed something. Has Vekoma ever done this? I can't be arsed to look it up. Also, people seem to be making their Boomerangs really damn small lately. The front of the train is practically still in the station when the catch car lets go. I wasn't too much of a fan of High Anxiety either, as I remember feeling the same back when you first showed it. I loved the first few seconds, up until about the MCBR, then it kind of lost me. I couldn't figure out that transfer either. Your architecture has improved a hell of a lot since your last parks, but I feel like this is one of the main things keeping you from the gold/spotlight level. Everything kind of has that generic realism look I feel we see too much. The park layout was a little undefined, too. Kind of Cedar-Fair-ish, with concrete everywhere and rides and coasters plopped down.

    But really man, you've improved so much over the years. Your landscaping this time around was really good. The little waterfalls here and there were really sick. Your ride selection has gotten better also (the log flume was really good--reminded me of Dorney's). And of course, your layouts have started to gain a fan-base around here. I still see room for improvement, but there's not too many who can do it better at the moment.

    Overall nice park man. It was good fun to look around just as I had hoped. And hell, I would have even given it a gold if it makes you feel any better.
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    Hey JDP. :)
    Nice park.
    The layouts were definately the strong points of this park. All woody layouts were amazing.
    Zierer-Layout was good too, just a little bit too short in my opinion.

    The theming was good aswell, but in some parts i didnt really like it.
    On the "boardwalk" near the lake the theming was executed good,
    but e.g. on the Gaming Arcade it was boring and too small.

    What destroyed the atmosphere for me were all the entrance huts.
    They are just looking ugly in some places, e.g. on the frisbee.
    You could have made them invisible or hide them better.

    Moreover I am missing some little details like plants under water or splash tiles
    near the fountains.

    The foliage on the park was okay, but I wasnt a big fan of it.

    All in all it was a nice park, with fantastic layouts and a average theming. :)

    I'd have scored: 13

    Looking forward to your next projects,

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    I loved all the coasters in this. It made it all so enjoyable. I think after H2h your archy has come on leaps and bounds so I know your next solo is gonna be big!

    Only thing I didn't like was the way you cut it off and i wanted the park to be bigger for more coasters and archy.

    You deserve this mate ;) So glad you've added your amazing talent to DP.
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    Hey everyone thanks a lot for the nice comments. I really had an awesome time making the park and happy to see a lot of you enjoyed it. And yes, if my new nick name has to be the roller coaster Nazi, so be it, haha... what can I say, I wouldn't be apart of this site if I didn't like my coasters. So even though some people had texture problems and felt a few things were undefined, that's okay with me, as long as everyone liked my coasters.

    Overall, I am extremely happy with my 3rd Silver even though I wanted a Gold. However, this will make me a stronger parkmaker and make me push harder toward my first Gold or even Spotlight. :)

    Thanks to all and HUGE THANKS to Brian (CedarPoint6) and Curtis (Geewhzz) for all the tips and guidance when building this park. Also a large thanks to my Canes for helping me get motivated to finish this park and become a lot better!

    Thanks everyone and I would like to hear what a lot of other people have to say :)

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    Congratulations. I thought this was well worthy of Silver; as you may know I'm not particularly a fan of generic parks but this park has better coasters than most other generic parks. It was more detailed also! If the architecture and the colour schemes were better you could've had Gold.

    You can have your spotlight one day, but I think you need a different concept for that. Remember why Faceman's Paradise Island won Blockbuster instead of Spotlight? ;)

    Looking forward to your next project.
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    I don't see why you'd need a different concept to win a spotlight. This type of park can easily win spotlight. There's nothing stopping another 'generic amusement park' from winning spotlight.
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    Spotlight is the highest accolade possible for a park; to me it has to be jaw-dropping and unique. Generic parks distinguish themselves not quite as much as themed parks (or generic parks in an unusual setting) from others, so how can you make one's jaw drop?
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    I don't know Liam, I agree with Louis....look at your resort, it's generic, in a sense, plenty of people have wanted to do hotels in RCT before, but there is something that sets it apart from the others. I think anyone can do this with any theme, do it well, and win a high accolade, possibly even spotlight.

    Generally, most people don't mind seeing the same thing over and over, if it's done well, and slightly different.