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    this looks very cool! i really like the large tent! the green on the coaster would probably look better if you made it a shade brighter. overall i'd say you lack some bricht colours too, too much browns.


    maybe a break from the game did you good, you seem to have gotten quite a bit bitter! :)

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    The thumbnail looks dope. The rest of the area feels off to me though, I can't really explain why. Maybe it's the unfinished-ness or the lack of life/brightness.

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    I love the architecture, but I think it feels off because the ride seems to be cutting off the plaza from something else. If this is the edge of a park then it'll be fine, but it currently just ends abruptly and you feel like it's a weird dead end. 

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    That seems to be a really long queue that doesn't accomplish much...other than being really long. I would perhaps suggest intertwining it more with the coaster rather than itself.


    It does lack some colour, and the green of the coaster doesn't really go with the browns that you're using in the architecture and paths. The massive canvas awnings is a step in the right direction, although I would definitely suggest trying to make the arches a little beefier. 


    Nice integration of the HP rock wall and the stacked mesh fence looks surprisingly good here.

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    That tend is excellent. For such a large and relatively plain structure, you've added enough breaks and small details to keep it looking interesting and bold. As for the coaster, I think I'd need to see it within its close surroundings to comment as to whether it fits colour-wise. If surrounded by forest and colourful plants, it should work. Good stuff so far!

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    Story time! So end of june my hard drive crashed. Along with my files I also lost motivation to play the game, so my whole summer break was kinda RCT-less. The last two months I've been having the urge to build again, and I think I finally have something worth showing. Excuse the unfinishedness, especially in the corners.

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