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    *Nominated for Best Wooden Coaster 2014*


    IMO the layout seen at your latest video is awesome, on this screen the buildings seem a bit out of place and chaotic (compared to the station area style), I hope you will fix that in the next episodes.


    Looking forward to see the whole area completed


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    *Nominated for Best Wooden Coaster 2014*


    Naaaah, wont be finished this year. :p

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    It'd be cool if you could make the coaster interact with the buildings, like make it go through them.

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    I get that you want the coaster to be really imposing and everything but I think that all this pre-drop stuff is a little too much. In my opinion you should either do a lot less pre-drop and maybe try to integrate some airtime into the area, or have this area more of a scenic-esque tour of this area. Without any drops really but almost a dark ride kind of meandering before the drop.


    Also, [and I know it isn't shown here] but I'd definitely considering redoing the douple-up into the MCBR. Just because I'm really not a fan of it with the awkward straightening into the second hill - you'd be better off trying to make a small airtime hill in between the two hills or just make it one solid hill.


    I agree with Poke as well; interaction between the buildings is a good call.

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