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    Sweet layout. I love the surroundings, although they feel pretty claustrophobic. That queue line is massively long through a bunch of buildings that could otherwise be storefronts (unless that's a dark ride in there?). I'd highly suggest working a regular path back there and starting the queue by the interlocking corkscrews and take advantage of all the buildings. 

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    Great layout, great atmosphere. I disagree with navalin, I like the idea of having the queue line meander through the backyards of those pretty buildings. Gives it all a Renaissance feel that fits in with the Don Quijote theme. I'm excited to know what the facade of those buildings will be like. How about some windmills?

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    Wow, that's really nice.

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    I think you're an excellent NCSO guy here so I'm gonna be nit-picky:

    -I'm not really seeing the Spanish theme come through, with the exception of the flag. Foliage doesn't seem Spanish

    -Foliage could be better. Seems a bit random and meant to fill in areas

    -Add some things to add life to the gray rooftop, like fans, pipes, etc.  Just so that you don't have a giant gray thing, you know?

    -The station could be better.  It looks like you're playing it safe.  Take a chance to spice it up and that could change the entire screen.

    -I've never been a fan of those fences you're using by the paths but that's just me


    All that said, there's a lot going on here I love:

    -Architecture by the queue is hot

    -Whatever that green roofed building is at the bottom looks promising

    -The layout is excellent, especially the diagonal brake run


    I'm giving it a 70%.  Well done.

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    Pretty much what RCT2day said. I'm just not entirely sure how to better portray the spanish theme with NCSO.


    Layout is decent, and I love the idea of the themed facade hiding the dark ride.

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    I agree with the points made on the fence, you don't have to change the type but I think you should "pimp" it a little bit, maybe try a small brick wall and put the fence on it.



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