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    The car looks pretty good, even if the scale doesn't fit perfectly, but this seems to be limited by rct2 for me

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    That car is absolutely gorgeous.

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    I love that car... very creative.

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    The car is awesome, albeit slightly out-of-scale. [the detail more than makes up for it, although I'd maybe suggest a different colour - the traditional black springs to mind]. 


    My only real critique is that you have a very flat building style. In that the buildings are basically boxes with quite a flat facade. Kind of like you've done in a few other screens I'd really try to improve the detail on the facades. In this screen the path cover [which helps a little] looks incredibly detached from the building itself. If you're going for the old-school western vibe then the white is too bright for me, you'll want more wood and less rather ornate arches which you've got at the moment. Also consider some 'dirtier' colours such as light brown, peach, the dull red, and maybe grey [certainly grey instead of white]. The brighter colours should really be used sparingly and predominantly in trim or flowers rather than a key component of the building or its facade.

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