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    The improvments over the last screen are good. You have some footers which are black topped that ought to be grey. But otherwise nice screen, wanting to seee somehting new though.

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    I think your queue could do with being longer, and possibly try a different colour for your queue line fences.


    Apart from that, another fantastic screen. So hope this gets released for christmas!

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    There's an area of red clay visible in the queue, I think that was probably an accident.


    Nice transfer and brake run... I hate B&M's trend of making ugly, multi level brake runs like this but what you built is very realistic.


    By the way is that an old, converted Sky Ride station on the lower right? That's the vibe I get from it and if that's the case then kudos. Very well done.


    Overall this is great.

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    f*** me!! I totally forgot that I posted a similar screen already :D

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    The queue is a little short. I don't remember if you plan on making this peepable or not, but expanding it to take up that entire space nestled between the lift and final turn into the brake run in addition to reducing it to quarter-tile scale would do wonders for the realism of this. An enormous E-ticket attraction like this would need to stack a few hundred guests at any given time.


    Alternative idea: have cones or ropes leading out the entrance and down the path to the right, like amusement parks sometimes do when they know the demand for a ride will be particularly high.

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    i agree about the queue, it's a tad short. usually these coasters have like really long lines. also add a bit more colour, right now i feel like there's an abundance of grey. you're getting so good

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    Shit i love this. You definitely know what you're doing here, it's very clean and the way you made the pathing and stuff around the breakrun is fantastic. However it feels sterile right now, and there's two ways really to combat this. Either make it denser and in areas change up the path and the textures in the structures; that's what starpointe did. Or you can make imperfections like you'd see in real life: cracked concrete made by changing up the path colors (look at louis!'s goliath for reference) and using roadlines, more path details, and modifying textures and colors in buildings to give them a sense of life and to differentiate them from the path.

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