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    comment below
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    This is freaking sweet man

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    Moar info please.

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    too bad it isn't functional.

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    This can't actually be a real working tilt mechanism... but it looks very convincing.

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    Looks really cool!, is this a full recreation of Gravity Max?

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    No its not working ;) It just looks good! The coaster underneath is functional and besides the drop it has nothing in common with Gravity Max. 

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    Very clever aesthetic hack however.
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    While it's not technically possible and I think this is a long shot, I'm sure a flat-ride could be made, possibly based on the swinging inverter ship, that resembles a piece of track with a coaster on it, and the piece of track simply rotates to a 90 degree angle. Then hacking and invisible track can do the rest.

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    You don't neccesarily need a flatride for that. It could also be an object. But how are you gonna sync it with the coaster train?
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    maybe said object could be a door, and the door opening animation is the track swing animation? The door would be placed over invisible junior coaster/car ride/etc. track while corkscrew track is placed to look like its on the corkscrew track and not the invisible track.

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    Speaking of Gravity Max, why didn't the tilt coaster become a thing? It just looks so cool... Too complex? Unreliable?

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