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    Wow, this looks great!

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    Holy fuck dude, this is so well done. Very vibrant and real, and you pulled off both curves and diagonals. I don't know much about this project yet but there is spotlight potential here. Great to have you back.
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    Jesus man this looks beautiful. Excellent work all around!


    Only feedback I have is that the grey roof of the buildings on the right side of the screen tends to blend into the grey color of the paths.

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    yes herein spaziert

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    Looks great indeed Jimmy! 

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    Not totally sold on the 2*2 oak tree colors, kinds distracting to me. But maaaaannn, this looks fantastic, pumped to see more of this project.
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    wow, very nice, i liked all :)
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    Now thats what i call music

    Is that a bus mural??

    Edit: oh its an old car, was reading it backwards

    Also sick path curves
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    cool wheel

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    I just saw... one cabin for the ferris wheel is missing:(

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    It looks awesome! 

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    Where did this come from?? Pumped to see this

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    This is beautiful! 

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    wait what

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    Well I'm jealous now.

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    Ohhh my very nice. will this be the whole park?
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    Very nice, love the green roof look, placement of large Ferris and the loose sidewalk feel.

    Edit (add): the thumbnail is such an awesome teaser to this shot.

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    Prater's a cool park and you're doing it justice so far

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