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    beautiful. beautiful landscape.

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    Lovely stuff, and the story too, I would number the order of the screens though, otherwise you end up reading the story out of order lol

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    very cool! it's a bit weird that some of the dead trees are right next to a perfectly healthy tree though, might want to change the distance between the two. other than that i think it's perfect, awesome landscaping

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    I love it, everything. Haven't you shown this before, though? Many years ago?

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    Yeah, the fog effect is familiar.
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    One of the extremly rare times screen editing actually works well. Nice job.

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    I run as hard as I can through the patchy bogland atop the cliffs. I do not intend to wait on the farmer to explain his murderous intent. The castle lies below me on the right, but the rocks are too steep to try and seek shelter there. I break through a line of trees and spot a dingy white spot ahead of me. As I approach, still at a full run, I suddenly find myself staring down a massive set of animal bones. The ribs, cracked and worn, seem larger than anything that should be living here, and they protrude out of the dark soil next to a bubbling pool of green liquid. The air is sulfurous, and I notice a small pile of artifacts strewn near the puddle - a pair of sunglasses, what looks to be a human femur, and a travel book. The text on the spine is in German.

    Before I can register the confusion and horror at this discovery, I remember the farmer. I tear off again, leaving a trail of footprints in the soggy, peaty soil.

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