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    Copying this over since I didn't want to post a screen in Poke's discussion.  


    It's kind of a giant pain in the ass, but you can leave codex's "water flowers" option checked and then go in and individually change the 5th hex bit to FF for every planter you want dead.

    i.e. go in map control/mapoverview, select your planter, and change

    CD 02 18 16 B2 02 16 00 to

    CD 02 18 16 B2 FF 16 00.


     Everything else will still die if somebody opens the game without "water flowers" and lets it run for a while, but you can guarantee that when the park is opened the stuff you want to look like weeds or brush will and the stuff you want to look like flowers will.  


    Also pictured; some basic sunken plants to act as pond weeds.

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    That tree is sex.
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    Nice. Might use some of these ideas.

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    Neat. Good trick to know.
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    This also works in rct2 right?

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    No. Codex doesn't exist for RCT2. Yet

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    Examples of a few ideas I'm trying out to show weeds, reeds, and other undergrowth that LL doesn't have the luxury of just adding to the scenery tab.

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