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    Its just really very bare. Huge concrete, big blank textureless walls and awnings, foliage all the same, whatever that awkward grey block in the top left is. It just feels like a basic layout of park.

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    Magnum XL-200 at Cedar Point

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    I think this could benefit from a lot more detail (especially the service road which needs guardrails and an actual road) and a catwalk on the lift but it's a nice start.


    Is this a Magnum recreation or is it just a ride that's heavily inspired by Magnum?

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    Yes, this is going to be a Magnum XL recreation, so I'm trying to make this as accurate as possible within the limitations of the game.


    I have already fixed some of the textures in an attempt to make it look less bare, however, IRL the colors aren't really all that interesting, so I dont want to do to much.


    I plan on adding full catwalks and supports.  As well as lamps, trash bins, etc... but I just wanted to post something to get some initial feedback before I did to much.  Thanks for the feedback!

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