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    really liking this project so far

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    This is great and very tangible as a part of a park, regardless that it's a rec of a part of CP. Your style in game is very deliberate and justifiable, meaning that pretty much all your details can easily be explained past just aesthetic value. It's a really special trait that seemingly only people like CP6, Gee, and to some extent Louis have. Others can justify their decisions but never go as far as this group of people seems to go- which sadly means sacrificing looks and beauty for something that is more real. I guess people at NE would rather build parks as they would in the best light possible than how they actually are, and the trait of leaving things purposefully ugly is rare.

    That being said you're still a little unrefined in your execution. Some of your color choices, while they make sense, aren't necessarily the most atmospheric. If that's your aim, that's perfectly fine though. Better, thicker foliage in areas and more path details will help the atmosphere a ton though. I'm looking forward to this when it's released, and i'm glad we picked you up for our H2H team.

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