Screenshot / Reddit February Contest: Pirate Cove


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    Add guide rails and maybe coverings for the queue. Architecture and landscaping look good though, but some might say otherwise.
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    Agreed about the guide rails, the water looks too open. I prefer underwater guide rails though, on top of the water and it'll ruin the now good atmosphere. I really like this!

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    Nice looking screen, you're going to have a really nice submission to the contest. Well done. Good to see someone new to the site too. Hopefully you can stick around and add some fresh ideas to RCT. You've gotten off to a great start so far!
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    I love this. I agree with Liam about the underwater rails though. Keep up the great work!

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    Looking really good man. Try to refine the rockwork a bit more though (or don't, since you're competition for the contest ;) )

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    Lovely work <3

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    glad to see you posted this on NE. goodl luck in the contest man! this looks promising

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    Your foliage and rockwork need some refinement. Otherwise, a nice little screen. :)

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