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    The forms are great but the wall textures don't scream indian. Needs to be warmer and redder. I'd go with the tan castle walls and red/pink and switch the grey tiles to orange.
    Don't scrap it, send it me!

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    Really like the Queue line over the pond, that looks awesome. Colours dont do it for me, maybe to white? I dont know somthings off

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    I find it difficult to see past the 'spaceness' of the minarets and the 'chessness' of the chess pieces. And the textures aren't really convincing. Guess it doesn't matter if it's gonna get scrapped.

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    Not very Indian, no. On the other hand, a rather convincing take on the hanging gardens of Babylon. It's pretty consistent with how they're usually imagined in art.


    Oh and that queueline is indeed really nice!

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    Think I've seen this before? I like it. Had a good moment when doing the queue it seems.

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