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    No sure whats going on with the train, the support seems a little odd at the top of the lift as well.  Everything else looks quite nice foliage could be a little better, the top half of the screen is pretty empty.  Not a fan of the colors either, but that's not a real issue.

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    the lift supports are a bit wonky, but damn is that good for a first post. are you from any other RCT site on the 'net, may i ask?

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    Macro work is relatively nice, but when you look a little closer there are things like unconnected supports, glitchy track, and relatively poor foliage work in my opinion.


    Still, decent first post with some interesting things.

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    this is really nice for a first screen. it doesn't happen often that new amazing players just come out of nowhere.


    i really like what i can see of the station and the queueline. those are done really well. coaster looks pretty good too but those lifthill supports would probably look better if you used other objects to mimick the gigalite supports. the layout looks a bit too sprawling though from what i can see, might want to work on that

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    Looks sweet, but I'd recommend using the actual intamin track and merge the vertical drop in.
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    Hmm, I305 and Skrush's tracks look a lot different than the older mega coasters, B&M kinda works. 

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    As a French dude, I can tell that "Affreux" doesn't fit at all for a ride's name. "Affreux" means "disgusting", "horrible" or "ugly".

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    eat "la baguette" :D 


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