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    Couple minor things I would suggest...
    The top right area seems really bare, maybe completely change the ground type and make it jungle instead of just dirt. To me it looks like there is to much path on the left especially in the bottom left corner, not sure what you cqn do about it at this stage but it does look a little weird. Finally, I think adding custom supports to the whole ride would help with the score, but dont do it unless you really think you need it because currently it looks fine.
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    The paths are too expansive and bare. Liven them up with boxes, crates, staff, potted plants, awnings, whatever you can think of. 


    See cocoa's screen in the h2h advertising topic for some inspiration for that.

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    Thanks, cool suggestions. Those recent Cocoa screens are awesome. Anyone else got any comments?

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    I really like this but I'm afraid I may have to call bullshit on the transfer track. If the purple building is a storage shed I don't think there's enough room for the train and the track on the side is unecessary as the main track would slide to meet the storage building.


    If it's not a storage building the the track needs to slide right and I don't think it can do that without hitting the transfer supports.


    Otherwise I absolutely love everything about this. Great work, and sorry to be a transfer nazi but it's my job. lol

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    im awesome

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    @Coasterbill: I actually really appreciate it because I don't have a clue about shit like transfer tracks. I'm just imitating (albeit poorly) what I've seen. I think I'll extend the supports out 1 toward the river and change the building a bit so it's not a storage shed.

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    Great! I actually really like the way you built the transfer, it's very clean and if you extend it it'll work perfectly. 

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    It's submitted!

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