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    comment below
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    where the hell are these freaking new trains coming from!?

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    There you go BG

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    Looking good. I wonder why you added the 'Dutch' tag, though?

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    There are more rocks in this screen than in the whole Netherlands. And waterfalls? Is this a fantasy park?
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    Looks like a cool layout! I would like to see more detail in regards to the path. For example Fenrir by Steve manages to use foliage and rock detailing to help the paths that are not directly in the vicinity of buildings to still intrigue visitors and be visually appealing in-game. 


    I would also like to see a bit more of an organic shape to the rocks by the drop. They are both very tight within the games grid represented as two large squares of rocks. Break out of that square and I think they will look much more natural. 


    Great coaster color choice though, very bold and really pops from the surrounding foliage.

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    Looks great! And I'm glad we're keeping up the tradition that Shogo started of guessing names for new Cedar Point rides with NE releases.

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    Finish KnoxVegas, I won't accept anything from you until that park is finished no matter how good it is.
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    I get it now. Dutch is not the same as Danish. ;)

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    Whoops, got Dutch and Danish mixed up :p 

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    Looking good Mav! Glad to see another design in the works. :D

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