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    comment below
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    What does BTMR stand for? I'm guessing the "MR" is Mountain Railroad, but I could be dead wrong.

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    Big thunder
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    this looks great. not exactly like disney or btmr, but still awesome nonetheless. has this project come to a standstill or something? :(

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    damn good
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    it has to be honest, yes. too much old work and not enough disney inspiration, i'm stuck at maybe 40%. most of the major attractions and placings are sorted, but just not enough content really.

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    i think i remember this? it's really beautiful. turtle magic :)
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    I love this. Whilst it doesn't have that disney feel, it has that Turtle feel, which makes it awesome!


    Glad to still see you visit Jem, hope Vegas is still going good :)

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    Love this screen, dripped in Turtle beauty! Love the use of that metal-grey texture with wood pieces to break it up!


    I hope you finish this someday too! if you ever want help just let me know. I'm always willing to reunite with my Monstrocity group members! LLHK!

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    Still loving this.

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    I'll never be this good.

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    Makes my wiener so hard

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    Big thunder


    Of course. I didn't realize it was a recreation. 

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    I like the use of the copper-coloured roofs and walls, they make the screen really unique.

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