Screenshot / Junior coaster and pirate ship by the pond


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    Good job on that screen, it oozes a great atmosphere.

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    This looks great!
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    That is awesome. Love this screen and its atmosphere. Yellow or orange flowers in the planter id say. great station

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    Very good stuff! I love it. Maybe a bit too brown? But that's just a nitpick. I can see it work as it is.

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    Top half is great bottom half is not really.  Supports feel a little simple and plain on the coaster, and I assume the foliage isn't done there.  Other than that it just feels really brown, maybe use a different path texture and experiment with the roof color on the station a bit, just to spice it up a little.

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    G Force, I feel like the foliage under the coaster makes more sense when viewed as a whole, so here it all is from another angle.CRVJWCF.jpg

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    I was referring more to the queue when talking about the foliage, sorry about that, it looks really nice under the coaster actually.

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    It looks rustic and calm, I love it.

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    Awesome screen, but definitely scrap the dark brown paths. I feel like a little bit of brick could keep it rustic without the brown. 

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    Probably too brown, some strange sunken tree choices (chinese cedar).


    Agree with G Force, the foliage under the coaster is very good, but the queue needs some colour.

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    I don't mind if this stays as it is, maybe a few smaller touches of color. But the areas around this shot can't be as brown as this or it will be "Brown Crap Fest 2015"

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    Well the park is only about 1/3 of the way done at this point actually so expect brown crap fest 2016

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    great architecture and atmosphere. cant wait for more!

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    It is indeed very brown, but at least it is consistent and well done. I'm getting autumnal vibes, so that is good! I wouldn't mind some splashes of colour at all, but I think it would be nice if you stuck with autumnal colours. So no blues and purples.
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    Very nice.  

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    I'm getting autumnal vibes, so that is good! I wouldn't mind some splashes of colour at all, but I think it would be nice if you stuck with autumnal colours.

    This! Add color through autumn trees. Too bad there isn't a autumn leaves object to cover the ground with. You've got a nice little park going here Andrew!

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    I think this all looks great! I really like the shape of the station building - very neatly developed without being too large for the coaster type. The brown doesn't bother me at all, as it's clearly a wood structure heavy area, and you've included several splashes of colour to break it up. That, and the lake/pond itself adds a nice pool of blue. The boardwalk looks fantastic and, like the station, is not too large for its setting. Very, very good work here.

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    I love everything except that under supported turn on the second screenshot.

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