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    comment below
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    learn to compose. u obviously know how to detail
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    Yea, kind of agree with Zach here. I love the colors and detailing. The angled wooden fence pieces are an amazing touch. The bridge is nice too, path mixing included.

    But together I just feel it can be arranged and planned better. The diangol feel a bit forced and idk if I like how the building is shaped around the path.

    Try to approach building from the big picture, like how does this building and path look in terms of the whole park... Not just in the small window size.

    That's really the next step you need to take, focus more on composure, and you work will improve a lot.
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    ^ Composition not composure. Composure is probably what Shotguns should focus on...


    I like the style of the buildings but I also agree it's arranged a little poorly - I don't think the symmetry is working and I think having the entrance building form a right angle doesn't create a very welcoming space.

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    literally 90 degree angled entrances have never worked ever
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    ^challenge accepted?

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    kyle go my basement please

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