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    love the swirl.

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    I feel like it needs more mountain, and terrain blocks.

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    I don't know how I feel about the contrast between the "games" building's awning and the roof, but I do like the layout of the coaster.

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    I think the mountain is trying to be too real. I'd use some more blocks and rocks and a bit less 'real'. Make it more like a facade.


    Nice little layout though.

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    The mountain definitely could be improved a lot. The rest looks interesting.

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    I think the problem with the mountain isn't actually the mountain, it's the surrounding area under the rest of the layout. It's completely flat. So, contrast is the result, and the mountain (which I like and think is well made) looks out of place. Just make it belong a little more and I think that nice layout you have there will be enhanced quite a lot.

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