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    comment below
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    Very cute

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    I really like that.. much more appealing shape than the standard rectangle layouts.

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    Always amazing what sinking a tracked ride into the ground and interaction with other rides and paths can do.

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    This looks very good, but I think there's too much of the brown ground texture. With all the space between the trees it doesn't really make sense, grass would look better! It also blends too much with your path choices, giving me the impression that everything is swimming around in a puddle of mud. Just to clarify, I like both foliage, architecture and the splash boats layout, just not all the brown ground texture. And try changing the dirt path type to the left of the splash boats to the same one you have on the inside of the splash boats track, it would improve the consistency of this screen a lot. 

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    Thanks a lot everybody!



    I see what you mean. I agree but I got to check if I can fix that because parts of the ground are scenery objects.

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    Looks good as stated above; be careful of brown overload.
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    Please dont use that full tile dirt brown path you have at the top left of the screen, there are much better textures you can use.


    Red is a bit bright as well, maybe use the duller one.  Rest is nice, perhaps but needs a touch of color here or there in the foliage or on the path.

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    Very nice!

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