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    Screen is about 75% done, so there's a few places that I need to fill up with foliage and a few things I need to clean. I'm bored though and there needs to be more lovely screenwhoring on the front page.

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    I quite like what all is here. It's got quite a bit of nice atmosphere. If I can say any changes is maybe a wee bit more colour?


    Other than that, I have no complaints! Good one!

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    Throw some blue flowers on that ledge by the umbrellas, that'll break up the red-brown colors you've got going everywhere.  Otherwise, excellent.

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    Not much to say about. You wouldn't be able to tell that this was a 75% screen. It's great.

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    The roof on the right side could use some more detail, the large area of black is a bit distracting.  Those planters as well need to be filled I think, not necessarily with the large trees though.  Not sure if I'm a fan of the info-kiosk either, kind of feels out of place amongst all the other archy.


    Rest is nice!

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    Really nice object and colour selection shogo, peach wooden roofs get me everytime especially when combined with peach/brick pathing.


    Russ makes some valid points, but they're relatively minor imo

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    I was there yesterday!!! Amazing park!!!

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    I find this rather incredible. Again makes me think of SA when I see your work. It's beautiful. I'm very impressed by how you manage to breathe some life into the otherwise often sterile modern day realism. Your sense for layouting parks is so strong, and there's an attention and love for little things that strikes a good balance between being detailed to death and understated and subtle. I still overall feel like you could lose some detailing. A bit of it seems forced because you want to please an audience.

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