Screenshot / Riverland‘s Rumored Response to the Fire - Expansion Plan LEAKED


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    Can't wait to find out what it is! My money is on a wooden coaster, would suit the park well. That or a transportable Schwarzkopf coaster.
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    Oooh! I'm so excited to find out what it is! :D

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    Due to the nearby town of Walheim it's highly unlikely that Riverland will decide to build a woodie in my opinion. It might just be too loud.


    A tansportable Schwarzkopf on the other hand would probably fit better to the park's old strategy under the former owners. Then again they rather shied away from making big investments, unlike the new owners. The new owners have already proven to value extraordinary concepts over pure thrill.


    But I'm just speculating myself, I have no idea.

    Perhaps speculating about pure rides that will be added is the wrong way if we look at the zones or areas that were marked on the aerial view.

    Hope we'll find out more soon!

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    Can't wait!

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    I really like your Phase plan, newspaper and surrounding farm land design.. park is looking great as well.

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    i think it'll be a 4D coaster

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    Riverland‘s Rumored Response to the Fire - Expansion Plan LEAKED

    It became quiet around German amusement park Riverland Walheim after a catastrophic fire had destroyed parts of the park, including the restaurant, the wild west train ride, as well as the stage for a small family show. Now an image leaked which allegedly shows the owners‘ multi year plan, to bring the park back on track as Germany‘s fastest growing amusement park.

    Not much is known about the image, yet it appears to give a strong insight into the park‘s plans for future development. It is thought to have been created within the last months, during the aftermath of the fire which devastated parts of the park. Based on an aerial photo of the park from before the fire, the image seems to show the oldest parts of the park, as well as the burned down parts mapped into 4 distinct areas. The numbers assigned to the areas might be indicators for the chronological order in which the different parts of the park will be reworked or expanded. This theory is strengthened by the fact, that the most urgent area for redevelopment, the ground hosting the rides which were destroyed by the fire, is marked with the number 1. The second area covers what is currently largely unused park land. In the end only one thing is clear. Interesting times are ahead for fans of Riverland.

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