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    Its not bad..

    I think compositionally it's kinda weak because you tend to just have attractions sitting off the side of paths. And usually straight paths. Try and create more plazas - for instance if you removed the hill with the mine object on you could create a nice square in front of the station and nestled between the coaster track.

    The repetition with those adjacent building forms is weird too.

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    Nice but feels very empty and almost uninspired. Foliage is a bit too repetitive also. The whole thing misses a lot of theming in my opinion. Not a fan of the giant umbrellas on the left.

    Supports of the powered coaster are maybe a bit too thin. 

    On the other hand I love that river rapids station and the interaction with the train. 

    Sorry if I'm a bit tough !

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    Attached Image: Minetrain 2.jpg

    redid most of the area. Obviously not finished.

    Not sure what to do with the seating area in the middle or the t-Shirt stall in the top right of the plaza.

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    I feel like this could benefit a lot from smaller, less overwhelming paths and maybe some more trees. It's nice though.

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